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BT600A - Brine Maker

Brine Maker Display Brine Maker Pumping House

The BT600A is a high production automatic brine production system for converting standard granular road salt into a brine solution for pre-wetting and anti-icing operations.


  • Constructed 304 Stainless Steel
  • Capacity ~2 x 650 Imperial Gallons (~780 US Gallons)

Electrical Components

  • Electric Controller
  • Inline salinity monitor ±0.2% accuracy
  • Over flow sensor in the brine mix tank
  • "Cycle Start" control - for automatic production
  • "Cycle Stop" control - will shut system down after completing existing cycle
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Auto/manual select switch
  • Manual override controls
  • All electrical components housed in a sealed control box with sealed switches - NEMA 4X

Description of Automatic Brine Making System

When the cycle starts, the dissolution tank containing the granular salt will fill with water and begin to fill the spillway with "rich" brine. The salinity sensor located in the spillway chamber will send a signal back to the PLC which will then open/close the fresh-water proportioning valve accordingly. This will dilute the "rich" brine down to your desired, preset salinity level. The finished brine travels through the spillway into the finished brine side of the tank. The cycle will continue until the finished brine reaches the high level sensor on the BT600AB, or if you have chosen model BT600AC, BT600ARPLC, or BT600ARPLC-Data, the pump will start when the brine side has reached the high level sensor and transfer the finished brine to your storage tank(s) which is fitted with a high level sensor. The system will not run if the storage tank is full. All systems can also be run manually, if and when required. All models include self diagnostics.

BT600A Model Options - Various options available to match your requirements and budget

Manual versions also available - Scalable to automatic