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Road Maintenance Equipment & Services Inc.

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RMES Products

Anti-Icing Trailer

The Anti-Icing Trailer is a turnkey system, designed to apply liquid ice melting products. Various tank sizes and configurations are available to accommodate specific application requirements.

Brine Storage

The STA-120 is a brine storage system for safely and economically handling bulk brine solutions for pre-wetting and anti-icing applications.

Brine Makers

Rmes manufactures both Automatic and Manual Brine Makers. All systems are completely turnkey. RMES is the only manufacturer that also has a brine operation - a good testing ground for continuous improvement. Call us today for your custom system.


RoadWatch SS features the most technologically advanced early warning system of road and air temperatures in the industry. Your most important assets are your people... they deserve the best protection available... they deserve RoadWatch SS.

Slip-in Tanks

Available in various configurations to fit virtually all dump bodies - Capacities up to 3400 US Gallons Slip-in Style - No Loaders required - 3 minutes on - 3 minutes off Excellent for Watering, Bridge Deck Washing, Anti-Icing Operations, etc.

Surge Buster

Prolong the life of your tank, air ride shocks, air ride driver seat as well as king pins, 5th wheel jaw pins, springs, torque arm bushings, drive lines, brakes, tires and frames as well as making a beneficial effect on your engine performance. Do it with Surge BusterĀ®!

Winter Brine

RMES Manufactured Salt Brine (MSB) is a straight Sodium Chloride Brine produced specifically for pre-wetting and anti-icing applications. We manufacture the brine at our own production facilities using pure rock salt and potable water.

Dust Control

Dust Down CC20 is a natural mineral brine solution rich in calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and sodium chloride salts. Dust Down CC20 is both cost effective and readily available

Plastic Tanks

RMES offers the broadest range of proprietary and custom container products for a multitude of different markets and application requirements. We have been proving the ability of plastics to provide products that are lighter, stronger, and more cost effective than other materials. The seamless, single piece construction gives them long life and makes them a better value.