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Surge Buster®

U.S., Canadian, P.C.T. Patent and Patent Pending. N.F.P.A. Compliant
SurgeBuster Baffle SurgeBuster Baffle

Surge Buster® is the leading tie-down system providing the maximum degree of operational safety when transporting your liquid load.

Surge Buster®


  • Install in any size - any shape tank - including poly, stainless, fibreglass & aluminum tanks
  • Easy to install and clean
  • All moving parts with no entrapments
  • Hot and cold loads
  • Easy assemply

Surge Buster® is a patented revolutionary new, retrofitable tie-down system with an innovative design that eliminates 96% of the surge (kinetic energy) in any liquid load.
Unlike conventional baffling systems that rely on blocking surge and transferring it through the tank to the truck, Surge Buster® dissipates the energy within the tank.
The resulting benefit to the liquid load hauler is a safer load, reduced stress and fatigue on the driver, plus a 30 to 40% reduction in vehicle maintenance costs as well as longer tank life.

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

1. Why are companies and institutions choosing to control the surge in their tanks?
A: To providethe maximum degree of operational safety for their liquid loads, in order to protect employees, easing their physical and mental stress; to prolong the life of equipment and to enhance the safety of the motoring public.

2. Why do Surge Busters® work so well?
A: With unlimited directions of deflection, this tie-down system eliminates up to 96% of surge in all directions, front to back - side to side - all angles and throughout the entire compartment. Traditional baffles only reduce surge front to back and do not reduce surge within each compartment.

3. Can this tie-down system be used with potable water?
A: Yes, they are made of virgin HD polypropylene and approved by the F.D.A for food grade use.

4. Will the Surge Buster® work in all types of shapes of tanks?
A: Yes, this tie-down system can be installed in all sizes and shapes of tanks - round, elliptical, square, and even triangular.

5. Who uses the Surge Buster® system?
A: Fuel and chemical haulers, DOT's, Road Districts, Irrigation Districts, City/County Park Departments, potable water haulers, agriculture and farm use, etc. They are used for herbicide spraying, magnesium chloride spraying for icy roads and any transportation of liquids.

6. When are these Surge Busters® the most beneficial?
A: During braking, accelerating and when taking evasive action is necessary. When reduced stress on the truck, frame and tank mounts is desired. When keeping blended products in suspension is important.

7. Do these Surge Busters® cause any stress to the tank?
A: No, this system is not attached to the tank and will not cause any physical damage.

Reduce liability and safety concerns in transporting liquid