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Plastic Tanks

Double Wall Captor Tanks Double Wall Captor Tanks

RMES has been at the forefront of proving and improving the ability of plastics to provide products that are lighter, stronger, and more cost effective than other materials. The seamless, single piece construction gives them long life and makes them a better value.

Industrial Tanks

The industry's most complete product offering of polyethylene tanks and accessories can be configured to achieve specific chemical resistance and functionality performance objectives in both single and double wall containment systems. Products can also be designed to meet ASTM standards, ranging in sizes up to 16,500 gallons, and can come equipped with a variety of options, including seismic / wind resistraints, heat maintenance systems, sight gauges, ladder assemblies, flex couplings, and much more.

Agricultural Tanks

Built for a life on the farm, Snyder agriculteral tanks are designed to store, transport and apply fertilizer, crop and seed treatment chemicals. Standard product designs include horizontal, vertical, cone bottom, leg, applicator, and nurse tank configurations.

Septic/Underground Water Storage/Above Ground Water Storage

Seamless, one-piece underground septic tanks minimize the risk of leaking associated with aging concrete tanks. The 100% polyethylene construction provides optimum corrosion resistance and chemical compatibility, ensuring a long useful life in both residential and commercial applications.

Dry Material Bins & Silos

Be it powder, pellets or capsules, Flowmaster bins and silos can be engineered to solve the most demanding material handling challenges. Portable bins are available in steel, plastic and composite design types in sizes up to 80 cubic feet. Large, seamless poly bulk storage silo capacities range up to 950 cubic feet with a full compliment of accessories, including valves, discharge stands, and other components to optimize flow performance.

Captor Double Wall Containment

The revolutionary Captor Containment System is designed to alleviate the ever-changing environmental and safety concerns regarding bulk chemical storage and containment for the 21st century. Captor's unique tank-in-a-tank design enables users and specifiers to incorporate advance performance and safety features on a bulk-handling system, which provides total containment protection. Captor's double wall construction is completely enclosed so that external matter, such as dust, rain and snow is prevented from collecting in the outer containment tank. Besides delivering unparalleled performance benefits, Captor Containment Systems also contribute to your company's bottom line by significantly reducing installation and procurement cost. Every Captor is shipped fully-assembled on either a standard or wide load flat bed trailers, which reduces comparable costs by an average of 35 percent.

Double Wall Tank Brochure