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Dust Down

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Dust Down CC20

CC20 is a natural mineral brine solution rich in calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and soduim chloride salts. Dust Down CC20 is both cost effective and readily available.

Dust Down CC20 is economically priced and provides excellent performance. It contains calcium, magnesium and sodium chlorides, providing a 20% calcium chloride equivalency.

Granular materials, traffic volume and weather conditions are all considerations when determining the application rate of CC20. Please contact RMES for more information.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Brine has been accepted as a product on the M.O.E.(Ministry of the Environment) dust suppressant list. Brine has been given the best rating in aquatic toxicity tests by the M.O.E(Grade 0).

Outstanding Dust Control

Dust Down CC20 contains compounds that are very hygroscopic. These compounds attract moisture from the air and are very resistant to evaporation. The brine binds dust particles together to help keep surfaces stabalized.

Advantages of Dust Down CC20

High Water Content:

The higher water content of Dust Down CC20 reduces the need to pre-water gravel surfaces. This is particularly advantageous in very dry environments.

Lower Cost Per Litre:

A significantly lower cost per litre compared to stronger magnesium chloride and calcium chloride solutions. This is particularly advantageous when repetitive applications are required.

More Economical:

Compared to 30% magnesium chloride and 35% calcium chloride, CC20 offers significant savings.

Dust Down CC20 Data Sheet

Economically priced, environmentally friendly, and outstanding dust control. Contact RMES to order Dust Down CC20

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